Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just Like Riding A Bike - Parenting Fail Corrected

I'm a pretty good mom.  In fact I would say that there are times when I rock this whole parenting think (see Chloe's awesome hair post below) but there are other times when as I mother, I suck and hard.

One such of those times is the whole "teaching my kids to ride a bike" thing.  For obvious reasons, this process is not an easy one for me.  Holding a scared kid while simultaneously trying to balance them and keep them from crashing while also running alongside them is not something I can do for any real length of time.  But I did try, I swear it.

With Sarah the process went fairly well and we got her transitioned from training wheels to two wheels quick enough, but with Chloe things did not go so easily.  We tried, she tried, the neighbour girl tried, but we never really did manage to get Chloe up and rolling on her own.

For two summers we tried and then last night, in the middle of the third summer since we bid the training wheels adieu, I finally lost it and said that this was the night -- no more excuses.

No more listening to Sarah complain that Chloe on her scooter couldn't keep up.  No more dealing with Chloe whining that she got ditched because she was too slow.  No more burying the guilt of giving up on teaching my 10 year old who suffers from no physical, emotional or psychological issues how to ride a freaking bike.

So we half-dragged a half-sobbing and visibly shaking Chloe outside and sat her on that stupid bike and Gunther ran her up and down the street again and again until she could balance, until she could stop, until she could turn, until she could fly.

And today, after work, we came home to this:

That, my friends, is what freedom looks like.

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Julie Q said...

Awesome!! Go Chloe!! :-)