Saturday, August 9, 2014

Crabby Mommy

Gunther and I are not pet people.

When I first met him, I wanted us to have a dog when we were a family but he was dead set against it from the start.  I figured I could change his mind later.  7 years of changing dirty diapers and wiping little bums changed mine.

So no pets.  That's what we said and that's what we meant.

Sarah has always been an animal lover and has spent years trying to talk us out of this.  And for many years her breath was wasted.  She even went so far as to buy herself a habitat but we just made her use it as a bug box.  Then she bought herself an aquarium.  So, after much debate, we finally agreed to let my brother and sister-in-law give her a Pet Smart gift card for her birthday.  A gift card that came with the words "we have convinced your mom and dad to let you have fish."  And Sarah was so happy she cried.

She really did.

I have never seen her so excited and happy except maybe on the day we let her buy the fish along with a cute little aquatic frog and a snail.

All was lovely until the fish got ick.  The ick medicine was killing the frog so we had to put him in a bowl.  The fish died anyways.  Then the frog died.  And Sarah cried.

She really did.

So we caved again and let her get more frogs.  And things were fine and Sarah was happy.  Until we got new windows installed and the frogs got moved hither and tither into differently lit rooms at different temperatures and well... the frogs died.  And Sarah cried.

She really did.

So for months we said no more pets!  And we meant it.

We really did.

Until we caved and let her get hermit crabs which seem to be doing just fine.  So we let her get a bigger tank and a third crab and we let her give her smaller tank to Chloe so Chloe could have two crabs. 

And now we live with 5 crabs named Aster, Helix and Hercules in Sarah's tank and Cory and Elvis in Chloe's.  And everyone is happy for now because Sarah has her pets and Chloe has her pets and Sarah has kept them all alive. 

And me?  I'm happy because they like to hide under the sand so I don't have to see them.  So, I have become the grandmother of crabs.

I really did.

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Julie Q said...

I guess my kids are lucky I love dogs because they do too. :-)