Sunday, July 27, 2014

Camp, Christmas, Crap and Coins

Chloe went to Safari Zoo Camp this year.  She loved it. Like over-the-top loved it.  Which is awesome and makes me so very happy but unfortunately also raises a problem:  she loved it SO much that next year she's asked to go for two weeks.

Now she's been going to day camp for years so in the past sending her for two weeks to the same camp wouldn't be a problem, but Zoo Camp is overnight camp and one week of Zoo Camp costs about the same as a month of day camps (please let me emphasize that of all the overnight camps considered Zoo Camp was the least expensive and from what Chloe's told me it was worth every penny and then some.)

So what's a mom to do?  Well first off I've told her that she could ask for gift cards from Jungle Cat World to pay for her second week of camp for Christmas.  Lord knows we have more then enough stuff and Chloe's getting to be an age where toys don't hold the magic they once did.  I know she really wants a new ipod as well but Santa can get her that and maybe family can help her out with camp.

And speaking of stuff -- I hate it.  We're bursting at the seems and some rooms in the house look like a possible episode of one of those crazy organizing shows where they toss all your stuff onto the lawn and then decorate your house with IKEA furniture.  Thing is, I'm not particularly hyped on the "stuff on the lawn" or the "cheap but colourful" furniture.  I just want to get rid of stuff.  And my apologies to the garage sale fans out there but the two times I've attempted one I've actually lost money paying more for advertising than I made in sales.

So again, what's a mom to do?  Well in this case I've managed to find a combination of free online selling groups and while the stuff isn't clearing out super quickly, it is clearing out. I began by posting on the local BUY/SELL group for my community on Facebook (I strongly recommend you find and join yours if you're on FB,) I joined Varage which is on online garage sales and I've posted on Kijiji.  Kijiji has been the last ditch option and I'd say 60-70% of my stuff went on Facebook or Varage.  Things that didn't sell on any of the three I've put aside to try again in a month or two.  If they still don't sell they will go to one of the many charities willing to pick stuff up at your house.

And we're doing fairly well.  Keep in mind that the biggest ticket item I've sold is a $10.00 blow up pool but Chloe's bank is up to $57.00.  If all goes well it'll be closer to $65.00 today.  I post the pics of what I'm selling, get an interested reply and then put the item out on the porch with a ziplock bag under the mat and the item disappears and coins show up in the bag.

Chloe loves coming home from day camp to check the magic Ziplock bag and I'm happy to see the stuff gone.  Best of all, is I'm one step closer to being able to send my baby to camp for another week without having to dip into our long-term savings or sacrifice our reno budget.  Oh yeah, and Chloe's learning about money and working for a long term goal.  AND I hopefully won't find baskets of new stuff to put away from Christmas time.

Any way I look at it.. it's a WIN!



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Julie Q said...

Safari Zoo Camp looks like so much fun! :) That's a great idea having her save up for an extra week of it.

It is truly amazing how crap can add up. We have tossed so much stuff that wasn't worth giving away. Funny how when a person moves, things don't mean the same.